Professional Document Translation Services

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Why should you hire EPIC Translations for your document translation needs? Simply put, we provide what you need to stay ahead of your competitors:

  1. Competency – We not only enable you to communicate globally, but we lower your costs without compromising quality
  2. Reliability – We consistently meet and exceed your expectations
  3. Convenience – We are easy to work with
  4. Continuous improvement – As you expand globally, we improve our processes and workflows to better meet your needs

EPIC Translations helps break through language barriers by using over 20,000 in-country expert linguists and our proprietary project management portal called EPIC Provisioning System (EPS) for online request submission as well as real time project status updates. By using EPIC Translations you will be able to: – Reduce translation related costs and risks – Increase global market share – Improve time to market – Increase intellectual property in the form of company specific translation memory (TM) and terminology lists Watch our video to see how EPIC Translations helps increase global market share!